Introducing our agency

KEMARI is a sports agency born from its associates’ shared desire to establish with sportsmen, sports clubs and other institutions a healthy and long lasting business relationship which is respectful of man, sport and the law.

An often criticized sector, we aim to put the interest of our partners first and carry out our business activity as a sports agency with a permanent respect for ethical behavior.

Kemari, was a type of football popular in Japan between the VIIIth and XIth century which involved players forming a circle within a restricted space and passing a ball to each other without it touching the ground.

Our Team

Pierre Delcher
Pierre Delcher

Sports Agent

Pierre Ducrocq
Pierre Ducrocq

Technical Manager

Arthur Poupel
Arthur Poupel

Director General
Sports Agent


Your success and satisfaction are our priorities. In order to achieve these, we offer you the following services :

Ethical Issues

KEMARI’s partners carry out the sports agency’s business with singular respect for man, the values of sport and the law.

The activity of the sports agents is regulated by the provisions of the sports code and French and international federal regulations (FFF & FIFA). These texts lay out the following main principles that we are committed to respect:

- The agent must be a holder of a license issued by the federation after passing an exam held annually ;

- The contract entered into between an agent and a player must be in writing and cannot exceed a period of more than two years ;

- The payment of the agent cannot exceed, depending on the circumstances, 6 to 10% of the value of the contract he enters into ;

- Every operation concerning an underage player is non-eligible for payment.

The associates are committed to treat other sports agents in a collegial and respectful way.

Our shared desire to work towards the eradication of racism and to establish sport, particularly football, as an important vehicle for tolerance, co-existence and social cohesion.

On this basis, we have begun discussions with various associations in order to redirect them part of the agency’s commissions with the aim of financing their actions.

This partnership will be reported shortly on this page.

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